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Best Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker Review 2021

You may be looking at the Best Coffee Maker Machine that will your kitchen look as beautiful, and all the features you want together. Then Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker may be the perfect choice for you.

In The Best Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker, you will get Different Brewing Option on one side, and you will be able to make Hot and Cold Brew as per your choice very easily. This model of Ninja Coffee Maker has been designed especially for Coffee Lovers. Those who like to taste one kind of flavour at a time.

In this Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker Review article, we will discuss the complete Ninja Coffee Maker features and all aspects. As a result, you will get a complete guide in this review.

Things We Love:

Many Coffee Lovers have put Ninja Coffee Maker at the top of their favourite list. This Powerful Coffee Maker Machine has many features that we like a lot. First of all, it is an SCA Certified Coffee Maker which means it has built according to every recommendation of the user. And SCAA Certified coffee maker is an excellent choice for every coffee lovers.

Dimensions And Capacity:

The Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker heating unit of around 1500 watts, It also has dimensions of 12 x 8.8 x 15 inches. If we come to its size, we can see that its width is a little bigger than its size. It also weighs 13.4 lbs. If you have enough space in your apartment or kitchen, you can set it in a perfect way, no matter what place.

Ninja Coffee Maker Parts:

Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker Parts

This Coffee Maker model has many parts. Glass Carafe, Water Reservoir, Frother has become one of the best Coffee Maker.

  • Thermal / Glass Carafe: It can hold up to 10 cups of Huge Coffee together. So that you can easily pass your whole day. Also, this Carafe is Dishwasher Safe.
  • Permanent Filter: Another great feature of the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker is that you don’t need to have to spend money to buy filters from now. There is a permanent filter that will reduce your suffering a lot.
  • Frother: Its frother is compact and foldable, but it is also very simple to use.
  • Water Reservoir: The Water Reservoir of this machine is located on the right side. And its water holding capacity is 50 ounces. It allows you to open and refilling water very easily and quickly.

Coffee Brewing Sizes:

Another great feature of Ninja Specialty is that you can brew coffee by setting the Coffee Size to your love. That means you are getting control of complete brewing which is impressive.

The sizes include a small cup (9.5 oz), large cup (11.5 oz), travel mug (14 oz), large travel mug (18 oz), half of a carafe, and also has the whole carafe.

Brewing Settings: 

Ninja Specialty not only gives you complete control over the brewing size, but you also get more to make coffee of your choice in the brewing settings. It specializes in both Hot and Cold Coffee Brewers. You can do all kinds of brewing no matter what kind of coffee lover you are.

Here you can find more Coffee Flavor of your choice to brew coffee like Classic Brew, Rich Brew, Over Ice Brew, Specialty and many more Brewing Settings, which is a perfect choice for all coffee lovers.

Cleaning Process:

After drinking coffee, many people think that the most annoying thing is the Coffee Maker Cleaning Process. In this case, if the cleaning process of coffee maker is a bit difficult, then there is nothing more annoying at that moment in the world. 

It is time to say goodbye to the Hard Cleaning Process. If you are a Ninja Specialty User, you can easily clean it.

In this case, for your easy understanding, we are making a Youtube Video Suggestion which will help you a lot to understand the Easy Cleaning Process.

Water Utilization:

Ninja has many Coffee Brewing Settings and Options, so you can easily choose your Brewing option. When you make the brewing setting of your choice and add the amount of coffee, the machine will automatically handle the amount of water.

Foldable Frother:

Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker

The frother doesn’t actually heat the milk itself, making it easier to use. And it is super compactable for its features. On the one hand, it is the best for its features, but for its stylish design, make your kitchen more stylish.

Heated Plate:

Another feature of The Ninja Specialty is its Heated Plate. Its Heated Plate keeps you warm for a long time even after your Coffee Brew.

It is designed to keep anything up to 2 hours warm, including your Cup, Pot, Mug Etc. One thing to keep in mind, if you buy a Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe, it includes a Heating Plate.


When you use the extraction of thermal flavour, Ninja Coffee Maker will automatically control the water according to its temperature. As a result, it has made the brewing process a lot easier. To say your job, you just press the button.

Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker Review – Pros & Cons

Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker
Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker Review
  • Six Brewing Sizes.
  • SCA Certified Coffee Maker.
  • Ice and Hot Brewer.
  • Brew various super-rich coffee.
  • Fold-Away Frother.
  • No Pods Require.
  • Easy to Clean and Easy to Use.
  • It’s Sound Sometimes Loudness

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Final Verdict:

The Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker CM401 is an excellent addition to any home brewer. If you are looking for something in the market that will be flexible, durable, affordable and dependable. Then Ninja is the perfect choice for you. So why the delay? Take this ideal coffee brewer, and enjoy the coffee life.

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